"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Osteo-Arthritis in all my joints amongst other issues (back pain, digestion, and more). 

I had tried a few treatments without success.

I was in a lot of pain, permanently and no pain killers were working.

I was exhausted, depressed, and anxious.

The only help I got from traditional medicine was "anti-depressants", which made me feel drowsy, detached, and gave me horrible migraines. I was also given nerve medication which I did not want to take because of  the nasty side effects.  

In the space of 7 months of Kinesiology treatments, my pain levels are bearable without medication, my energy level returned, I do not take any anti-depressants anymore, and I am feeling myself again.  The night sweats that were waking me up drenched at night have also completely stopped.

As a bonus, I have also lost 7kg's!!

Thank you, Patricia.

I highly recommend anyone to give you a go.  They will not be disappointed."


"Patricia has helped me tremendously with the different ailments I have suffered, especially with Adrenal Fatigue.

Patricia has a lovely warm personality and is very passionate about what she does.

I love coming to see her.

I highly recommend Patricia."



"Thank you Patricia for helping me and my family. You are amazing!

Patricia has helped me through breast cancer, after having lumpectomy and radiation.

I was suffering perimenopause, hot flushes, and foggy brain.  After a few sessions with Patricia, those symptoms are gone.

I also had Epstein-Barr virus causing havoc in my body.  After 8 weeks it no longer comes up as a stress or its energy even being present in my body.

It doesn't stop there.  Patricia also helped my son.  He reacted to a vaccination,  he had very low iron, doctors kept on saying take iron supplements but it wasn't working.   Working with Patricia and Kinesiology it was discovered that he needed vitamin C, no iron. Miraculously he recovered after incorporating Vitamin C into the diet for a few weeks.

Then my youngest boy, vomited with car sickness every time he got into a car. We were planning a driving trip to Alice Springs, so I was anxious about how he would go. We only had 2 visits, that's all we had time for.  My son did not vomit once on that 4-week trip!!

Thank you and bless you, Patricia.

I will continue to come and see you and watch your magic unfold.

Love 💕 and light."


"Patricia Pulvirenti is an amazing healer who goes above and beyond to ensure you experience complete and thorough healing.

She is a deeply caring and skilled therapist. I highly recommend her."



"Patricia has a very caring manner and went straight to the issue with me.

I had made the appointment about a personal issue however I also had a very stiff neck and shoulder.

During the session, the pain eased and by the next day, the neck/shoulder pain was gone.

My personal issue had the symptoms reduce as well.

Magic hands Patricia works wonders.

Thank you Quantum Health Kinesiology."


"Diagnosed with Vertigo FEB 2017 by Doctors.
No more Vertigo after DEC 2017.

Patricia, wow what a beautiful energy and the healing power of Kinesiology have changed and continue to change my life.

I have seen a lot of people and spend a lot of money and no one has been able to make me feel the way I do now.

I’m forever grateful.  Patricia is a miracle worker. Her calm approach, kindness, and sensitivity put me at ease.

Everything in my life is moving forward positively.  Thank you with all my heart.  I can function and I still can’t believe you got rid of my headaches...

So much love for this woman."



"I have never met someone as devoted and passionate about her work as Patricia.

With the help of Kinesiology, Patricia has given me the tools and the know-how, for my body to heal. 

I had cancer and was living in total fear it would return. 

Working with Patricia, she not only cleared all the emotional blocks I had around this fear but also taught me to trust my body to heal itself nurture it with good whole foods, rest, sunshine, and positive thoughts.

Thank you Patricia, you are truly amazing."


" I've been seeing Patricia for Kinesiology treatments for 3 years. Patricia is warm, nurturing, and thorough. 

I first started seeing her to get some relief from severe anxiety and mental instability. We made excellent progress and I'm now at a point where I've surpassed my original health goals.

Kinesiology has become part of my maintenance routine but also helps me to shape my future. Patricia will help you get well, stay well, and progress beyond what you imagine for yourself."


"I have been seeing Patricia now for 18 months for various stress-related health issues.

After a Kinesiology treatment, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my body, and the anxiety has lessened or gone completely.  I feel at peace and able to live my life with clarity.

I would highly recommend Patricia."


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"Patricia, you are a huge inspiration to me. 

When I'm struggling I think of what you would say and I re-focus and use the tools and knowledge you shared with me.

You must know that what you do goes far beyond the time in your clinic.

With Infinite love and gratitude. "


"Patricia has helped me so much to assist me to deal with my grief of a major loss. 

Kinesiology along with Patricia's caring and kind nature has made a big change in my life.  It has given me the confidence to be able to move forward in my life and put me and my needs first for a change.  

I walk away from each session with new coping strategies, awareness, and even more confidence. 

Patricia is very passionate about her work and puts a lot of care into her clients.  She is amazing. 
Thank you."


"Patricia, thank you for your constant support. 

You are so calming and empowering.  You give me strength and belief that I can work on whatever comes my way.   You always know exactly what to say and do.  I am eternally grateful for having met you and for being such a part of my healing journey. 

I hope you have a sense of how extraordinary you are.  "



"I cannot speak highly enough about Patricia.  Kinesiology is a wonderfully effective healing modality.

Patricia's passion and commitment take it to a whole other amazing level.

Health and happiness awaits!!! "


"I met Patricia Pulvirenti to address 2 instances of bereavement I had suffered in the space of 6 weeks.  After attending Kinesiology healings from other practitioners in the past I was familiar with the ethos of the modality. 

Patricia struck me as an empathic, compassionate, thoroughly professional, gentle person.  I was at ease with her immediately and trusted her to help me heal from my state of grief.  I entered the rooms with a layer of sadness over my shoulders and went out greatly relieved.  

Patricia supplemented further levels of healing with Australian Bush Essences, Essential Oils and crystals set out in take-home notes.  

After session follow up has been sought by Patricia and I feel 100 % supported.


I am thrilled to have found Patricia and would thoroughly recommend her expertise to anyone interested in Kinesiology.  She has worked miracles with me."



"Whatever you did in my last balance cleaned me out!  It got my bowels and bladder moving again, and my kidneys feel better too.  Thank you so much."


I was sick of normal doctors because I wasn't getting better. I wanted to try something different and started seeing Patricia. She quickly discovered what vitamins and minerals my body needed to heal itself through Kinesiology techniques. The pain around my body quickly disappeared. I am also not tired anymore and can get through the whole day without having at least 2 naps. I am so grateful to have met Patricia because otherwise, I would be living in so much pain. She takes her time and heals with a lot of love and compassion. I highly recommend anyone to try Kinesiology with Patricia.


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