Reactivating your healing potential from within

Kinesiology works to promote physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health



I empower you to take control of your own health. 

I reconnect you to your body's innate healing system.

Together we make the changes needed for healing to occur.  

Pain, discomfort and even disease is the body signalling that it is out of balance, and needs help to restore homeostasis.  

I can help you with

  • Adrenal Issues

  • Allergies, Sensitivities, Eczema

  • Auto-Immune Disease

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Digestive Issues

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Physical Pain & Muscle Tension

  • Thyroid Imbalances


About Patricia

I am a mother of 3 teenage children.  I know what it feels like to be unwell.  I was  diagnosed with Hashimoto's (auto-immune disease), Adrenal Fatigue and Coeliac Disease to explain the symptoms my body was experiencing.    

Medications were not going to change the stress that created the issues.  Only I could do that. 

I took the healing journey not the medications, and today my health is very different.  I choose my thoughts very carefully and make choices based on what benefits me and my family.   

I can help you turn your health around, achieve new goals and set new boundaries. 


Other Services & Hand Made Products

What we put on our skin, inhale and ingest forms part of our health.  The less synthetics we put on our skin and in our body the healthier we can be.


"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and
Osteo-Arthritis in all my joints amongst other issues (back pain, digestion, and more). 

In the space of 7 months of Kinesiology sessions: 

  • my pain levels are bearable without medication

  • my energy levels returned

  • I do not take any anti-depressants anymore

  • I am feeling myself again

  • The night sweats that were waking me up drenched at night have also completely stopped.

  • As a bonus, I have also lost 7kg's!!

I highly recommend Patricia.  

They will not be disappointed."


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